Roemex Launch New Product In Hydrotest Range

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As part of our continuous drive toward innovation and new product development, Roemex are pleased to announce the launch of a new product into our flagship Hydrotest range.

RX-5254 is a combined 3 in 1 liquid containing biocide, oxygen scavenger and corrosion inhibitor with outstanding technical, commercial and environmental profiles. This product, with immediate effect, will replace both RX-5248 and RX-5227.

RX-5254 Key Features and Benefits:

  • Outstanding environmental profile; CEFAS Gold, No Substitution Warning.
  • Dose optimised to 450ppm providing a minimum of 2 year protection time.
  • Effective for both seawater and potable water applications.
  • Compatible with MEG
  • Optimised manufacture process means vastly improved lead times, especially for larger volumes.
  • Significantly more commercially attractive than both RX-5227 and RX-5248 along with a 10% reduction in dose rate.
  • Stability, compatibility and independent performance data can be supplied upon request.

Testing is currently ongoing with compatibility of leak detection dye for a 4 in one product. Early results look positive and we should have a dyed version of RX-5254 on the market in the coming months.

Please note that Roemex will continue to support current projects and work scope for RX-5248 and RX-5227 until the 31st October 2017. After that time we will only be in the position to supply RX-5254.

We look forward to continuing our relationship going forward and hope that our continual drive towards more effective, environmentally friendly, better value products continue to support your projects in the sustained low oil price environment.

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