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Looking at how Roemex develops their products for geothermal energy production is a good example of how the oil service sector is expanding beyond the traditional E&P industry.

It is well known that elements such as copper, nickel and lithium are in high demand to provide materials needed for the energy transition. It is less well-known that chemical applications are equally required. For instance, offshore wind turbines need anti-corrosion chemicals to ensure a longer lease of life. Similarly, the geothermal sector needs chemicals to produce energy efficiently.

David Halliday and Peter Wilkie caught up with Henk Kombrink of GeoExPro to share how Roemex has found a niche in the geothermal sector and is expanding the service in Europe. Roemex has been providing production chemistry services to the oil and gas industry for nearly forty years, but our move into the geothermal sector, delivering solutions for scale and corrosion, is relatively new.

Now, we're involved with more than 10 geothermal projects in the Netherlands, where we assist with corrosion and scale mitigation.

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