Roemex and Subsea Energy Solutions produce innovative solution to corrosion resistance

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Roemex, a specialty chemical oilfield service company, and Subsea Energy Solutions, a global provider of offshore engineering and technology solutions, announce a strategic collaboration to provide innovative new solutions to solve marine corrosion.

Roemex are the preferred supplier to the upstream energy sector and have been deploying a range of proprietary corrosion inhibitors for seawater filled structures in some of the most challenging conditions in the world. Subsea Energy Solutions similarly have been supplying their unique SUB-SEAL™ range of J-Tube Seals to the global energy and renewables sectors.

Together the companies are looking to reduce the capital and operational costs in relation to corrosion prevention through the provision of corrosion control products within J Tube seals.

J-tube seals are used within the offshore energy sector to seal the interface between an umbilical or riser and the inside of a J-tube, incorporating a water tight seal in which an anti-corrosion inhibitor is often introduced.

The Roemex RX-5720 product works as it contains quaternary ammonium compounds which are excellent film forming corrosion inhibitors. The dissolved product forms an amine film on exposed metal surfaces, thus protecting it from corrosion.

David Halliday, Business Development Manager for Roemex, commented: “We are excited to announce this collaboration with Subsea Energy Solutions. Corrosion can be severe in seawater filled structures and the RX-5720 product has a sterling track record in mitigating internal corrosion.”

Mr Halliday continued: “Our strategic collaboration means that the internals of the J-Tubes can be protected from corrosion and negating failures due to loss of integrity. Undertaking performance and compatibility test work with the SUB-SEAL™ range enables the two companies to offer a joined up solution for provision of both J Tube Seals and J Tube internal corrosion protection.”

The companies will explore bespoke and complimentary technology offering an optimised dye and detection package to clients. As the industry seeks to economise, this is something both companies believe will expand over the coming months and years.

Philip A.R. Stanyon, Director at Subsea Energy Solutions, said: “Since the inception of our company, we have strived to deliver on the diverse requirements of the industry. Aligning with complementary businesses is key to our mutual success and we are looking forward to developing this strategic collaboration with Roemex. As a business, we continuously want to push the boundary of what is possible to provide the best possible equipment for the offshore energy industry.”