Roemex Speciality Oilfield Chemicals Gear Up For The Next 30 Years

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Established in (1986), Roemex is a privately owned international oilfield service company which manufactures and distributes a variety of Chemicals to the global oil and gas industry, from its Aberdeen headquarters with offices in Dubai supporting the Middle East and Kuala Lumpur supporting the Asia Pacific market. The Roemex product range has numerous applications throughout the entire lifecycle of an oilfield from production chemicals, remedial treatments, and decommissioning.

As well as providing chemical products, Roemex also supply engineering and consultancy support both on and offshore, dependent on customer needs. In addition to this, laboratory analysis, specialized delivery and tank equipment rental is also offered on a global basis.

Historically Roemex has focused on problematic areas within the oil process industry. Operators quickly experienced the tangible benefits of increasing the volume, consistency and quality of oil and gas production. Roemex were able to find solutions to unresolved process problems with a combination of application of technology and novel chemistry.

The natural progression from the resolution of “one off” problems was to utilize this expertise to offer full chemical management to the oil and gas operators. Being in the privileged position to offer this service was earned by consistently delivering safety, service quality and competence. Clients have found that engaging with Roemex has resulted in increases in oil recovery, decreases in OPEX and lower downtime and unplanned shutdowns. The environmental impact of our operations has always been at the forefront of our growth and development of new products. Due to this we have one of the most environmentally friendly product ranges on the market today. This plays a significant part in lowering the Environmental Impact Factors (EIF) of our clients operations.

Roemex strive to forge a close working relationship with our clients. The result of field optimisation and laboratory development to reduce chemical consumption not only attains the benefits above but also plays a significant part of lowering indirect OPEX costs. This is achieved by lower processing costs, decreasing shipping costs and lower pumping, utilities and manpower costs. Further to this there are clear HSE benefits to be realised, by mobilising, storing, handling and deploying less chemicals. It’s this holistic approach that allows Roemex to provide critical support in the now sustained low oil price environment by creating significant savings both from a chemical management aspect and from a Best in Class single chemical supply.

In 2008 Roemex introduced a suite of Hydrotest products and have since successfully supplied them to the global oil & gas industry. These liquids and solid chemicals enable long term protection against corrosion and biocidal growth in a range of applications including pipelines, static tanks, drains, conductors and piles (prior to jacket installation). In 2015 a range of negatively buoyant solid products were introduced. These unique innovations were developed in response to a specific client deployment requirement. The advantage of the negatively buoyant range is ease of deployment with ROV or Diver. Should they lose contact with the “stick” during deployment it can be easily recaptured and the deployment completed successfully. In addition when dosing static tanks the negatively buoyant range facilitates a faster and more effective dispersion, ultimately leading to more complete protection. These products, as with most of the chemical range are rated Gold with no substitution warnings and are some of the most environmentally friendly on the market.

Roemex has its headquarters in Aberdeen for the last 30 years and have benefited from being at the forefront of technical solutions to production chemistry issues encountered in the North Sea. This experience, in what is deemed one of the most challenging environments to produce oil and gas has enabled Roemex to grow into new international markets. As we reach the point where the North Sea is being decommissioned Roemex are ideally positioned to provide innovative solutions to support the industry. In 2016 a range of 3 decommissioning specific chemicals were launched. These comprise a deoiler for cleaning pipelines and vessels, a scale dissolver primarily for removing heavy calcium carbonate scales and a wax dissolver. Both the wax and scale dissolver employ novel chemistry and replace traditional solvents whilst achieving a higher scale and wax removal. These are also more environmentally friendly and more cost effective than these traditional methods.

George Dickson Operations Director comments “Roemex have always prided ourselves on being able to succeed in finding solutions to the operational challenges of our clients. We have built on this over the years and Roemex continues to become stronger. With the sustained low oil price now making its presence felt we have geared up to support this cost drive ensuring at all times that our safe and effective solution is also commercially feasible. We have always developed close relationships with our clients and it is this close dialogue and problem sharing that enables the team at Roemex find a solution”.