• Hydrotest Chemicals

Hydrotest Chemicals

Roemex provides a full range of products for hydrotesting, mothballing and dewatering operations with a particular focus on achieving environmentally friendly CEFAS ratings (GOLD rated with no substitution warnings).

The development of stick versions of these chemicals was done to aid deployment. These sticks would generally be deployed by ROV's or divers with wrapping on the sticks to delay chemical release until the sticks are in place.

This delay time can be adjusted to suit customers needs. Hydrotest sticks require some liquid movement to allow them to disperse so should not be used in totally static situations.

Our range of products includes the following:

  • Environmentally Friendly Leak Detection Dyes
  • Environmentally Friendly Oxygen Scavenger - Solid Sticks and Liquid
  • Environmentally Friendly Biocides - Solid Sticks and Liquid
  • Corrosion Inhibitors - Solid Sticks/Blocks and Liquid
  • Environmentally Friendly Combined Hydrotest Inhibitor – oxygen scavenger, biocide, corrosion inhibitor
  • Glycols – MEG, MEG: Water Mixes, Dyed MEG, TEG, DEG
  • Methanol

It is also possible for us to offer pre-treated liquids. For example, we can treat deionised water or MEG:Water blends with Hydrotest chemicals (for example with oxygen scavenger, biocide and corrosion inhibitor); this is particularly useful where pumping facilities are limited.