• Drilling & Completions

Drilling & Completions

Roemex is one of the world’s leading completions chemicals companies. We provide speciality chemicals to clean the wellbore prior to completing the well, whether in cased-hole or open-hole environments. We also provide highly efficient inhibitors and additives for completion fluids.

The objective of Roemex is to exceed the expectations of clients in well cleaning operations. Our goal is to perform well clean-up operations in the most efficient manner possible, and to identify and recommend continual improvements. Offering the most fit-for-purpose system continues to underline the basis of Roemex job design.

Detailed monitoring and information gathering from all operations where a Roemex engineer has been present, has allowed a database of operations to be collated and reported. Information contained in these operational reports includes performance related data and associated statistics for well cleaning operations.

Data is stored on a well-by-well basis. This information details factors which beneficially and detrimentally contributed to the operations. The information in the database is used to enhance future operations by identifying all areas which contribute in either positive or negative manners. Roemex is determined to work closely with our customers to continually improve performance.

A clean wellbore prior to running completions is essential for two main reasons:

  • Cost: Firstly, subsequent operations, such as setting packers and running screens can be problematic in a wellbore that is not clean, leading to failures and re-runs, all of which takes up valuable rig time. Hence a bad clean-up or no clean-up at all can lead to a much higher bill for constructing the well.
  • Value: Secondly, if the well is not clean prior to perforating or prior to running screens or gravel packs, the solids and emulsions that are left behind can have a detrimental effect on well productivity. These solids or emulsions can block formation sands leading to high skin factors or block screens or gravel packs, leading to production “hotspots” and hence to early failures of these sand control devices.

Wellbore cleaners are a significant part of Roemex’s business. This line of products also translates into pipeline cleaning products and rigwashes. Roemex has vast experience in testing and evaluating this type of product. Roemex utilises a Surface Tension Balance for surface tension and interfacial tension measurements.

Roemex provide many chemical solutions to the oil and gas industry; included in this are our highly effective range of lubricants and friction reducers. We supply not only lubricants for water, brine and water based muds but we also produce a base oil and oil based mud liquid friction reducer.

The products have helped clients all over the world meet their well objectives in the following ways;

  • Get coil tubing to the bottom of the wellbore
  • Reducing torque during drilling allowing drilling to TD where torque was previously too high
  • Reducing torque at the end of clean-up operations
  • Reducing the amount of friction required to run completion equipment.

In all these cases, and many more, Roemex were able to provide the solution.

At Roemex we pride ourselves in being able to meet and exceed such clients’ expectations. We started with one lubricant in our portfolio but we soon expanded this as we were requested that this lubricant not only meet the friction reduction criteria but also more specific targets such as use in formate brines or being non-damaging in open hole environments. Continual research and development will lead us to even more case specific lubricants and friction reducers